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Cultivating Change with Gillespie Dental Associates

Posted on 03/18/2016 by Emily McCollin

Change is a popular topic for Biltmore Center for Professional Development in 2016. Earlier this year, we had the tremendous opportunity to provide staff training for Gillespie Dental Associates. This dynamic group brought a list of upcoming changes to the Biltmore facilitators in advance so that our trainers could customize the training experience for maximum and lasting benefit. Dr. Gillespie has graciously allowed us to share their feedback here.

     A New Year, A Fresh Perspective! This January, our staff visited the Biltmore Estate to attend a Cultivating Change workshop with the Biltmore Center for Professional Development. DuringDirector Chris Maslin working with a small group this eye-opening session, Biltmore shared with us many changes within the history of their organization. They explained that while these changes were challenging, embracing them allowed Biltmore to stay ahead of the curve and therefore excel in their field.

     Change in the dental world is very similar. Yearly, even daily, dentistry changes. Economic, social, and technological developments occur on a regular basis. We, at Gillespie Dental Associates, are excited about evolving and innovating with the times so we can continue to improve how we care for our patients! During our workshop, Biltmore pulled out all the stops to cultivate change in our office. We brainstormed, we drew graphs, we even danced (you can’t take us anywhere!), all with the intention of embracing the changing world and keeping excellent patient care as our North Star. We are so proud of the strategies we developed during our morning with Biltmore and can’t wait to continue partnering with our patients as leaders of dentistry in WNC!

Is change on the horizon for your organization? Let our team support you in building a successful change strategy leading to meaningful and lasting results. For more information on upcoming Open Enrollment Courses and Custom Programs, please see our online course descriptions, or contact our coordinator at 828-225-6158.


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Posted on 09/30/16 By Dave C

Emily- This blog trigger a response! My daughter, Erin, lives in NYC and works for Eleven Madison Park. See She did her externship at EMP when she was at the Culinary Institute of America. Danny Meyer was a big influence on her going there. If you've not read Meyer's book, "Setting the Table," I highly recommend it. As Danny writes, "Customer Service is a monologue. Hospitality is a dialogue!" Carrpe Diem! Dave Carr

Posted on 02/07/16 By Nina M

I have found this article to be very helpful and full of great advice. All five points are very key to utilizing social media when creating and implementing an event. These points also carry into other areas of use besides when event planning. The point that stands out the most to me is "Social Media Zen". This is something very unique to social media because people thrive in having a space where they can be open and share their opinions and thoughts.


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