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The One Word Solution for Great Customer Service

Posted on 04/26/2013 by Ann Ashley

What is the most important word in any person’s vocabulary?  Their name of course!

Whether it is a given birth name or a nickname, hearing ones name makes a person feel important and special.  Using a person’s name is key to developing meaningful, emotionally-charged relationships.

Customer service is about more than providing a tangible product or service.  A major part of customer service is creating a lasting connection with the client.  The foundation of this connection can be built upon a namem and thatt is why being able to successfully recall a name is vital to continued customer satisfaction and providing great service.  Here are a few tips to help you remember a name:

  1. Repetition: Make sure to repeat the person’s name at least two-three times in the conversation.  This cements the name into your brain.
  2. Correlate a Trait to Their Name: A good way to remember names is to make a connection with their name   and a trait.  For example, Tim with black hair.  When you see him   again,  the black hair will actually help you remember his name.
  3. Rhyme: Make a silly rhyme out of the person’s name for maximum recall.  A quick example would be, Dan enjoys Burning Man.
  4. Write it down later: If later in the day you write the name down and remember the face, you     will never forget that person’s name.  Use your cell phone with voice     commands or contacts to plug in names quickly.


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