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Gracious Hospitality Transcends Industry Boundaries

Posted on 11/10/2016 by Emily McCollin

What does a car dealership, hotel, and craft brewery have in common? While it may seem that the differences are huge, they all share the common need for customers. Each of these industries would cease to exist without the participation of people. At Biltmore Center’s October 2016 Open Enrollment clients participating in professional developmentworkshops, leaders from organizations in these industries and many others learned Biltmore’s best practices for serving both internal and external customers well. Our facilitators introduced workshop participants to our time-tested customer service philosophy of Gracious Hospitality® that transcends industry boundaries. As each participant developed a traction plan for change in their own organization, they shared their best practices with each other, helping find solutions and inspiring new efforts. We look forward to hearing the success stories of these participants in the years to come as they continue to develop customer service excellence in their organizations.

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Posted on 09/30/16 By Dave C

Emily- This blog trigger a response! My daughter, Erin, lives in NYC and works for Eleven Madison Park. See She did her externship at EMP when she was at the Culinary Institute of America. Danny Meyer was a big influence on her going there. If you've not read Meyer's book, "Setting the Table," I highly recommend it. As Danny writes, "Customer Service is a monologue. Hospitality is a dialogue!" Carrpe Diem! Dave Carr

Posted on 02/07/16 By Nina M

I have found this article to be very helpful and full of great advice. All five points are very key to utilizing social media when creating and implementing an event. These points also carry into other areas of use besides when event planning. The point that stands out the most to me is "Social Media Zen". This is something very unique to social media because people thrive in having a space where they can be open and share their opinions and thoughts.


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