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Cultivating Change

Epic Failure and Resiliency

Posted on 04/26/2013 by Anna Sullins

As the Olympic games continue to inspire pride and a winning spirit in our nation, let us be reminded that victory is rarely achieved without first the taste of failure. Dan McCarthy of Great...

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Social Media Mastery for Event Planners

Posted on 04/26/2013 by Anna Sullins Comments(1)

Social media can make an event the must-attend meeting of the year or keep it from even showing up on an AskJeeves search. Here are five simple concepts you can use to make your event a social...

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The New Efficiency

Posted on 04/26/2013 by Anna Sullins

In the not-so-distant past, the word efficiency brought to mind thoughts of doing more in less time – a stressful task for many already stretched to their limit and beyond. The word itself...

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