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White Wines Paired With Our Gardens

Posted on 04/17/2013 by Marissa Jamison

Spring Weather Calls for White Wines

As the season changes to spring, it’s natural to move from Biltmore’s  heartier red wines you enjoyed during the colder winter months to our lighter, refreshing white wines.

Think Outside the House

From patios to picnics to pool parties, Biltmore white wines pair perfectly with outdoor entertaining.

Whether you’re grilling for a group or simply soaking up some sunshine while sipping white wine, Winery Manager Rick DeBlasio shared some basic tips on serving and appreciating wine outdoors in spring:

“Just follow the ‘20-Minute Rule’,” said Rick. “Remove white wine from the refrigerator 20–30 minutes prior to serving so the flavor profile has a chance to expand. During warmer weather, it’s also a good idea to return open wine bottles to a container of ice and water between refills, especially if you’re entertaining outside.”

Wine & Garden Pairings

Biltmore’s beautiful gardens and natural settings have distinct “personalities” that we’ve playfully paired with our wines (with bonus food suggestions from our winemakers). This spring, we encourage you to pack a picnic and get to know our white wines in the great outdoors. Choose the one that best suits your mood, or try them all!

Temple of Diana

This elegant site overlooking Biltmore House offers a classic setting to uncork any of our outstanding sparkling wines. Winemaker’s suggestion: sweeten the occasion with Pas de Deux sparkling and fresh fruit, chocolate covered strawberries, or cheesecake

Shrub Garden

It puts us in mind of our Biltmore Riesling, as its sweeter, fragrant style is reminiscent of early-blooming spring shrubs. Winemaker’s suggestion: spicy Asian noodles make a surprisingly savory companion to our Riesling

Walled Garden

The perfect partner for this grand garden is our Biltmore Chardonnay Sur Lies, which is slightly sweeter than a traditional Chardonnay. The term sur lies refers to the wine having been aged “on the lees” or sediment, a process that adds layers of complexity and richness to the taste. Winemaker’s suggestion: pack a picnic of last night’s leftover grilled chicken and vegetables to savor with our Chardonnay Sur Lies inside the sun-warmed stone walls that surround this garden

Spring Garden

A natural setting that’s easily overlooked, this garden is like Biltmore Sauvignon Blanc, which is less well-known than other sweeter white wines. Winemaker’s suggestion: a simple snack of fresh goat cheese on pita wedges is all you need to complement our Sauvignon Blanc in the Spring Garden

Azalea Garden

An informal feel and bright colors make this a top spot to sip our 2013 spring wine, Rosé of Pinot Grigio. Winemaker’s suggestion: although this varietal is typically white, we crafted it with a pink hue to capture the essence of spring. Get a sweet and sour deli dish to go and enjoy it paired with our Rosé of Pinot Grigio—surrounded by a forest of glorious azaleas!

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