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Experience the holidays wreathed with the wonder of Biltmore. Our celebration presents Christmas on a grand scale with more than 40 trees decorated by our talented staff, accented with miles of ribbon, garlands, and lights. Festive menus in our restaurants and holiday wine tastings make for a memorable visit.

Candlelight, firelight, and live music bring holiday warmth to the extravagant holiday décor of Biltmore House, creating an evening to remember. Evening guests can also take advantage of Antler Hill Village & Winery to enjoy free wine tastings. Advance reservations are required for evening visits.

Saturday, November 7th - Saturday, November 7th

Equestrian Center - Equestrian Passholder West Range Ride

9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

As an Equestrian Passholder, you can come enjoy a special horseback ride on the West Range for only $20, and registration isn't required. Don't miss out on this fun event. Call 828-225-1454 for more information.

Admire the progression of blossoms throughout all the gardens this spring, ranging from daffodils and stunning tulips to beautiful azaleas and fragrant roses.