Meet Our Staff & Stable

Virginia R. “Ginger” Cecil

Biltmore Board of Directors & Biltmore Equestrian Center Barn Advisor
Since 1978, Ginger has been active with the Biltmore Equestrian Center in a variety of roles, including barn manager, lessons instructor, and horse trainer. She currently serves as Barn Advisor for the Equestrian Center and is pursuing her Level 3 Parelli Natural Horsemanship certification. Ginger is also a member of The Biltmore Company Board of Directors.

Melonye Trivett

Director of Equestrian Programs and Antler Hill Farm
Melonye has been with the Equestrian Center for over 10 years. She oversees all equine-related operations, including Deerpark Trail and Carriage Barn. Melonye has a degree in Biology from Lees-McRae College. She grew up in a farm setting and enjoys land management and animals, and is therefore well suited to her role.

3 women equestrian workers

people on a horseback ride through the woods

Elizabeth McLean

Biltmore Equestrian Center Supervisor
Elizabeth manages our lesson, boarding, and Ride Biltmore programs. She especially loves teaching lessons and traveling with her students to horse events. She also works closely with equine vets. Elizabeth is a Level 1 Centered Riding Instructor and is pursuing her Level 3 Parelli Natural Horsemanship certification. She grew up with horses, started riding at age eight, and enjoys hunter/jumper and dressage. She keeps her two horses at the barn.

Terry Van Buren

Terry has more than a decade of Biltmore experience, and she joined the Equestrian Center team in 2012. Terry makes reservations, keeps records, schedules farriers and vets, answers the phone and emails, and helps the boarders. She loves the diversity of her position and the casual environment.

Stable Assistants

These staff members keep things running smoothly inside and outside the barn. When not tending directly to the stalls and horses, they check and mend fences, Bush Hog®, keep the equestrian trails clear of debris, and occasionally help out in other areas on the estate.

Clay Vick came to the Equestrian Center in 2012. He lives on a horse farm that includes everything from a mini to a draft horse, so he knows what it takes to maintain a herd. A horseman for more than 25 years, he says horses are therapeutic.

Alex Carter started as a stable assistant in 2012, coming from a job where he worked with alpacas and llamas. His favorite things are taking care of the boarded and lesson horses, and maintaining our 80 miles of equestrian trails. In his spare time, he’s quite a chainsaw artist.

Cory Sawyer was lucky to job shadow at the Center during his high school years. He liked it so much that he applied for a job and started nearly two years ago. Cory has worked at another barn and also at Builder’s Express. His favorite chore is maintaining the trails on a four-wheeler.

Marty Zinn splits his time between work as a stable assistant and as a carriage driver at the Deerpark Carriage and Trail Barn. Marty is a lifelong horseman who keeps two horses at home for western trail riding. As a history buff, he enjoys telling people about Biltmore’s legacy.

Steve Schroeder works part-time as a stable assistant; he spends other work time as an agricultural interpreter conducting tours on the estate’s West Side. He’s also an apprentice blacksmith at Antler Hill Village. Steve came to Biltmore from Indianapolis where he worked on a farm. He says he had a pony as a child, but was frightened of him – he’s now overcome that fear and acknowledges he simply can’t get away from horses.

girl and woman tending to a horse

Barn Animals

Every good barn has a few smaller animals that protect the herd and keep rodents to a minimum. The Equestrian Center is no exception:

Herbie is a large, lovable, six-year-old Great Pyrenees dog that sleeps comfortably most of the day in the office. At night, he patrols the perimeter of the Equestrian Center, keeping unwanted wildlife away.

Weedle and Betsy, two orange tabby cats, are excellent mousers who both love to cuddle.


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