See What's Blooming Now

Bloom Report

Our gardens and grounds are awash in beautiful color. Here is the latest report directly from our Director of Horticulture, Parker Andes.

You can expect to see the following blooms through the end of August.


Tropical Container Display, Orchids, Begonias, Crown of Thorns, Oxalis, Little Boy Flower, blooming vine displays, and a floral display themed around garden gates and succulents

Italian Garden

The Italian Garden’s water lily display is at its peak in late summer—from the iridescent blooms of the tropical water lilies to the bold foliage of Water Cannas and hibiscus. Hardy Water Lilies, Tropical Water Lilies, Victoria Water Platters, Water Canna, and Lotus

Shrub Garden

Roses, New Jersey Tea, Panicle Hydrangea, Chinese Sumac, Crepe Myrtle, St. John's Wort, Chaste Tree, Summersweet, Butterfly Bush, Coneflowers, and Crocosmia

Spring Garden

Summersweet and Abelia

Azalea Garden

Plumleaf Azalea, Sweet Azalea, Summersweet, Perennial Sunflowers, Hibiscus, Hostas, Coneflowers, Glossy Abelia, and St. John’s Wort

Walled Garden

Roses, Joe Pye Weed, Althea, Cone Flowers, Daylilies, Geraniums, Coreopsis, Gaura, Catmint, Phlox, Dahlias, Butterfly Bush, Cannas, Pineapple Lily, Summer Annuals, Hibiscus, and Salvias

Entry and Approach Road

Gomphrena, Elephant Ears, Big Leaf and Smooth Hydrangeas, Plum Leaf Azaleas, Bee Balm, St. John's Wort, and Perennial Sunflowers

Inn on Biltmore Estate

Roses, Joe Pye Weed, Annabelle Hydrangeas, Oakleaf Hydrangeas, Sage, Glossy Abelia, Guara, and Coneflowers

Antler Hill Village & Winery

Roses, Panicle Hydrangea, Guara, Daylilies, Coreopsis, Salvia, Shasta Daisies, Crepe Myrtle, Chaste Tree, Hibiscus, and Smoke Tree

Enjoy some of our favorite images taken in our gardens.