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Romance Sparkles at Biltmore

Posted on 02/08/2016 by Jean Sexton Comments(1)

In addition to being America’s Largest Home®, Biltmore also features the most-visited winery in America. There are other distinctions that set our winery apart, such as the fact that our winemakers craft both still and sparkling wines here. It's unusual to offer both—most wineries specialize in one or the other—but Biltmore has a long history of doing the unexpected.

Edith Vanderbilt engagement photoOur sparkling legacy

One reason for our sparkling wine program is to honor the legacy of Edith Dresser Vanderbilt's family. 

On May 31, 1898, the Asheville Citizen reported the following story in connection with the upcoming marriage of George Vanderbilt and his fiancée Edith Dresser:

The wine with which the health of the bride is to be drunk at the wedding breakfast of Miss Edith Dresser and George Vanderbilt Thursday has a history, according to the Washington Post. Many years ago the wine cellar of Daniel Le Roy, one of the pioneer summer residents of Newport, was famous, and large sums were offered for what remained of it when Mr. Le Roy died. None of this famous wine was ever sold, but as the stock decreased Mrs. Le Roy directed that it should not be used except at the wedding of her grandchildren and their descendants, a certain number of bottles being apportioned to each.

Pouring sparkling wine into a glass"Once we discovered this story," said Jill Whitfield, Wine Marketing Manager, "we wanted to share the details so that everyone could enjoy it. This was such a wonderfully romantic gesture and it continues to inspire us as we create different styles of sparkling wines perfect for all celebrations,” Jill said.

Handcrafted in traditional style

"All our sparkling wines are handcrafted in the traditional méthode champenoise," said Jill. "This process requires a secondary fermentation in the bottle, and is vital for developing the delicate bubbles that characterize outstanding sparkling wines."

Choose a special sparkling

For a truly romantic gesture, Jill suggests serving our Biltmore Estate Château  Reserve Blanc de Blancs. "This is truly our finest sparkling wine," Jill said. "It is crafted from North Carolina Chardonnay grapes and features tiny, elegant bubbles that burst to release tropical and citrus flavors. If you want to make an impression on someone special, this is the wine to choose."

Biltmore Estate Blanc de Noir sparkling winePretty in pink

If you're looking for a versatile sparkling wine that pairs well with a surprising variety of foods, opt for our Biltmore Estate Blanc de Noir. "Careful aging produces a crisp sparkling wine with a delightful light pink hue and flavors of cherries and strawberries," said Jill. "It's perfect for everything from toasting the New Year to pairing with your Thanksgiving turkey!"


Biltmore Estate Brut SparklingGreat ratings

Our Biltmore Estate Brut recently earned 90 Points + Editor’s Choice from Wine Enthusiast, which makes it an excellent choice for celebrations or any occasion that calls for bubbly. "It's a refreshing blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir ," Jill noted, "and it offers a good balance of citrus and strawberries with hints of honey and apricot."

No matter what you're serving or celebrating, pair your good times with Biltmore wines!

Featured image: Biltmore Wines sparkling collection

First image: Edith Vanderbilt engagement photo, ca. 1898

Second image: Pouring Biltmore sparkling wine

Third image: Biltmore Estate Blanc de Noir sparkling wine

Fourth image: Biltmore Estate Brut sparkling with wine barrel featuring estate image

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Posted on 02/15/2016 By Sue T

Wonderful blog post. I love the historical story that was used as inspiration. I can't wait to buy some!