Winter Birds & Waterfowl

Part of George Vanderbilt’s vision for Biltmore was that its land would serve as a protected habitat for waterfowl and game birds. This exclusive bird-watching tour offers you a unique opportunity to learn about the winter birds and waterfowl that call Biltmore home, as well as those that migrate through our area. You’ll enjoy a van ride to some of Biltmore’s most iconic bodies of water—the Bass Pond, the Lagoon, or Long Valley Lake—where you’ll observe these intriguing creatures within their natural habitats.

Tours led by professional guides from Asheville’s Ventures Birding and with support from Biltmore’s Outdoor Adventure Center guides.

Maximum of 12 participants. Tour stop locations vary and are subject to change. To participate in this activity, guest must have a daytime ticket, a Biltmore Annual Pass, or a stay at one of the estate’s splendid overnight properties.

Cost $85 (Ages 12 & Up)
Duration 2 Hours
Hours of Operation 9 a.m. Friday
Location Estate Grounds
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