Wildflower Seed Bombs

This fun-for-all-ages (and a little bit messy!) activity invites you to take a hands-on approach to supporting the growth of wildflowers and wildlife. An excellent method for planting native wildflowers in hard-to-reach places, seed bombs are also a great way to provide our feathered and furry friends a nutritious snack. Learn about the history and varieties of seed bombs, then dig right in! The activity ends with a chance to lob your freshly-made seed bombs into the pollinator and wildlife habitats near the Outdoor Adventure Center.

Clay, water, seeds, towels, and aprons provided.

Maximum of 10 participants. Advance reservations required. To participate in this activity, guest must have a daytime ticket, a Biltmore Annual Pass, or a stay at one of the estate’s splendid overnight properties.

Cost $25 (Ages 8 & Up)
Duration 45–60 minutes
Hours of Operation 2:30 p.m. Monday, Friday, Saturday
Location Antler Hill Village