Four Strategies to Instill Customer Service Leadership

Written By Ann Ashley


The Art of Customer Service

There’s a secret weapon that businesses of every type, everywhere, have used to foster success for decades—and then some. Whether you’re a family owned restaurant or a Fortune 500 company, it can take you far. You just have to master it. The secret? Superb customer service.

From encouraging loyalty to representing your brand well, excellent customer service comes with a range of benefits. And it doesn’t cost much to implement. For the past 120 years, the Biltmore has focused on providing our guests with the best experiences possible. We’ve planned and purposed to create a team whose sole mission is to provide guests and customers with remarkable moments and memories. Here are four tried and true strategies we’ve relied on to help our employees become customer service leaders—and brand boosting partners, who provide guests with relational rather than transactional encounters.

1. Cultivate a Customer-Focused Mentality

It might be hard to believe, but great customer service doesn’t actually start when you interact with a customer. It starts with a mentality—a customer-focused mentality. When you consider the customer through each and every step of the decision-making process—and ask yourself and your team, “how will this affect the customer or the guest?”—you create a foundation for remarkable service.

2. Embrace New Ideas

Aside from treating customers with the utmost respect and working to exceed their expectations, one of the most important things you can do to bolster service is embrace new ideas from your employees. It’s no secret that the employees on the floor, interacting with the people you serve, can offer some of the most transformative insight. Welcome their ideas, listen to them—and be willing to change the way you’ve always done things when necessary.

3. Remain Consistent

Gold-standard customer service doesn’t just happen by accident. It happens when you implement goal-oriented processes. From the way employees should say ‘welcome’ to how they should respond to certain requests, established systems will help create a culture of consistently great customer service leaders—and cement your brand as one that genuinely cares about the people it serves

4. Empower your Employees

Creating a healthy culture where your employees feel appreciated is never overrated. Employees who feel empowered and well-taken care of will prove to be some of the best customer service leaders out there. Celebrate all your employees do for you in big and small ways. You might be surprised at how far a heartfelt ‘thank you’ can go.

Transforming your customer service might be the answer to transforming your business—and we’d be thrilled to help you develop a customer service plan tailored to your needs at one of our training sessions.