Infusing Company Culture into New Employees

Written By Chris A. Maslin


Strategic Storytelling

Many companies spend a great deal of time and energy attempting to create that perfect culture they want their employees to associate with their business.  What some of these organizations fail to realize is that a culture begins taking form before new employees are ever hired

Building and maintaining your ideal culture begins from the point a potential employee makes contact with your organization.  So how do you infuse your culture in your new employees?  Start before they are employees!

A company’s culture is expressed in many forms, including your company’s communication with the outside world, its association with groups such as charities and community organizations, and even the physical objects in your organization communicate some aspect of your culture.

So when a potential employee drops by your office to drop-off a resume or complete an application, what do they see?  Do you have a professional, organized building or space that makes a positive impression?  Who is the first person your applicants come in contact with, and what impression does that person make for your company?  Are your interview teams well prepared, organized, and professional?  Do you follow-up with all candidates?  What about your web presence – are applicants able to easily navigate to your application page?  Do they know where to park when they arrive for their interview?  Are they offered coffee or water upon arrival?  Is your organization giving potential employees an impression that will make them want to be part of your organization even if you know it’s unlikely they’ll be hired? 

The goal should always be for applicants to walk away from your business feeling that they had a great experience and were treated with fairness and respect, even if they weren’t ultimately selected for the position.