The Unapproachable

Written By Ann Ashley


The Art of Customer Service

Most of us look for potential employees who are friendly people.  We expect them to smile, greet, and engage the customer.  Because this behavior comes naturally for many, it’s easy to consider it a basic skill to master.  In reality, this skill comes easily when the customer is smiling back, but not so effortlessly when dealing with those less-than-happy clients.

On occasion, we all encounter disgruntled customers.  Sometimes their attitude is no reflection of their experience with your business, but has more to do with the argument they had with their spouse that morning or the challenging lesson they’re teaching their kid.  Either way, they are your customer now, and offering them a smile and friendly greeting can be an intimidating task for any employee.

Approaching the unapproachable customer can seem as if you’re walking into a minefield, but it’s actually an opportunity to turn-around a negative experience and make a positive, lasting impression for your business.  When approaching disappointed customers and soliciting their input, you may receive a clear message to move along.  On the other hand, when an unhappy client chooses to opens-up, you’re given a golden opportunity to get to the root of the issue and offer a solution – for this client and future clients for your organization.  Engaging the unapproachable – intimidating?  Yes.  A priceless opportunity for service recovery and building a life-long business relationship?  Absolutely.  Take courage and smile…it’s almost always the right answer.