What Are Your Employees Saying About You?

Written By Joyce Pemberton


Strategic Storytelling

As the economy improves and available jobs become more abundant, competition for your most valuable employees will increase.

StorytellingWait, did I say “will”? Actually, job growth is happening now.  Which means competition for your best and brightest is happening now.

Consider this: the U.S Department of Labor reports that the current unemployment rate – 5.6% – is at its lowest level in several years, and likely to go lower.   Add to that more than three million available jobs  in just about every profession –  professional and business services, construction, food services and drinking places, healthcare, and manufacturing, and what you now have is a very robust, smorgasbord of available jobs.

So what can you do to make sure your most productive employees aren’t lured away by a bigger paycheck or better benefits?

Tell them a story.

Engaging employees to a level where they are not punching a clock, but are advocates for your company, can be as simple as helping them understand the purpose behind the work.  And that is as easy as telling them a story – your story.

Storytelling has been used to capture the hearts and minds of children and adults alike for as long as time. Stories stay with us – we can all recite the stories we grew up with and learned from our parents and teachers.  

So why not use storytelling as a business strategy that can speak to the hearts and minds of employees and customers alike?

Memorable and inspiring stories about your company will give your employees a sense of being part of something bigger than themselves; of being connected to something they can identify with and be proud to share with others. The same stories often trickle down to your clientele, and can create a powerful emotional connection. Stories can illuminate aspects of your organization that create pride and interest, and after all, wouldn’t we all prefer to patronize and serve a business with a unique or inspiring story?

Biltmore has harnessed the power and pleasure of using stories to create engagement and loyalty to our brand. Our one-day program,. Our one-day program,  Storytelling as a Business Strategy, offers participants an opportunity to hear some of Biltmore’s most magical stories, and learn how to use storytelling to elevate client and employee relationships, thus building your brand and, perhaps, ensuring what your employees are saying about you. Join us on the beautiful Biltmore Estate for this engaging program.

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