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Biltmore’s Conservation Team: Current Projects

Posted on 08/25/2015 by Joanne O'Sullivan Comments(2)

Biltmore’s conservation staff undertakes conservation and preservation activities including examination, technical analysis, documentation (written and photographic), conservation and preservation related research, and conservation treatment of Biltmore collection objects.

The photo above shows our team working to catalog and store the almost 4,000 pieces of china and glassware in the Butler’s Pantry in Biltmore House. Most plates are stored in stacks, but some are too fragile and would crack from the weight of the other plates. Biltmore’s conservation team developed a system for storing the plates and using archival foam blocks to prevent damage.

Here are a few more of their current projects... 

Upholstery conservator Anne Battram is treating the 67 Banquet Hall chairs

Conservators Anne Battram, Nancy Rosebrock, and Genvieve Bieniosek are treating the 67 Banquet Hall chairs, one at a time. The seats are stuffed with the original Spanish moss, plant material, and unidentified animal hair, all of which will be returned to the seat before it's covered in fabric that is an exact reproduction of the original. The project will take more than two years to complete.

ivory figurine is tucked in display case on the Second Floor

This ivory figurine is tucked in display case on the Second Floor that can sometimes go unnoticed by guests. While in the Objects Lab recently, our conservators were able to get some detailed images and take a peek inside.

switchplates from storage in the sub-basement of Biltmore House

On the desk of Objects Conservator Renee Jolly: These switchplates were pulled from storage in the sub-basement of Biltmore House. Renee is in the process of evaluating the original hardware throughout the house and researching the original materials and appearances.

Call buttons from obsolete switchplates throughout Biltmore House

Call buttons from obsolete switchplates throughout Biltmore House.

See blog posts on our Achivists and Curators to learn about their current projects!

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Posted on 03/17/2016 By Janice C

I have donated photo of first meeting of Biltmore Dairy Commission in the barn. You acknowledged. When I talked to someone several years ago you had acquired replies to wedding invitation for Vanderbilt's daughters wedding, my father said his family attended the wedding. Could you look for Stradley, also Dr. Arthur F Reeves (my great uncle). Are there photos of guests at this wedding?

Hi Janice, We will consult with our Museum Services team about your request.

- Biltmore Blog Editor

Posted on 11/02/2015 By Karen S

On a recent visit to Biltmore I noticed a large copper pitcher on the large dining room table. I have two very similar copper pitchers hand made by my late husband's grandfather, Jacob Daiber. Do you have any information about the person who made the pitcher at Biltmore? I have taken photos of mine but unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a way to attach them to this message. Any information would be most appreciated. Thank you, Karen B. Setzfand

Hi Karen, Unfortunately they are not marked so we do not have a maker. One interesting thing to note about these pitchers is that one has fish around the bottom and the other has a motif to represent loaves of bread making reference to the loaves and fishes biblical story. - Biltmore Blog Editor

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