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Creating luxurious comfort with basic bedding

Posted on 01/15/2015 by Holly Clark

When you think of refreshing your bedroom, you probably think of choosing new colors, patterns, and accessories—an easy way to bring an updated look to your sleeping space.

There’s more to making a bed, however, than just covering it with a beautiful comforter. To create an elegant, long-lasting foundation for good sleep, we asked Jessica Norris—Belk’s Product Manager for Sheets, Bath & Utility Bedding—to share her expertise with us.

Biltmore Memorelle Mattress PadBuilding your foundation

“First and foremost,” Jessica said, “it’s important to remember that you are creating a real foundation for your bed as well as a base for your decorative bedding. The words ‘basic' or 'utility bedding’ may not sound exciting, but they’re the starting point for a good night’s sleep!”

How does Jessica recommend creating your utility bedding collection? Start with a mattress pad. “Sleeping without a mattress pad is like having shoes without support or a caramel apple with no caramel. It just doesn’t make sense,” Jessica explained. “It’s the first layer of the foundation you’re creating, and it helps protect your mattress, which is another important investment piece in any bedroom.”

One of her favorite opportunities for creating a basic bedding foundation is Belk's top-rated Biltmore Memorelle Mattress Pad. “I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to combine practicality with luxury. 

According to Jessica, the quality is truly outstanding—something she considers a “must-have” when investing in your basic bedding foundation.

“When I think about the Vanderbilts and what they offered their family and friends,” Jessica said, “I think this mattress pad is right in line with their standards of comfort, and of course, their legacy of hospitality and attention to detail is what inspires all of our Biltmore For Your Home bedding collections.”

Biltmore Memorelle PillowExploring your options

The next step, Jessica says, is to choose a good pillow. “The Biltmore Memorelle Gusset Pillow is a great choice,” Jessica said. “This pillow sleeps cooler than memory foam while evenly distributing pressure for a comfortable rest. The gusset offers the plush feel you expect, while the Memorelle fibers give you support where you need it most.”

Once you're satisfied with your mattress pad and pillow, a comforter is the next step. Our Memorelle Comforter by Belk® complements the Memorelle Mattress Pad and Gusset Pillow with ultra-soft cotton construction and an impressive thread count, adding superior comfort and sophistication to complete your bedding collection.

“A good night’s rest is a beautiful thing,” said Jessica. “It’s one of the most important contributors that helps shape how you feel the next day. If the Vanderbilts could have had access to these elegant collections in the early 1900s, I feel certain they would have been on the beds in Biltmore House.”

Biltmore Memorelle ComforterFind it online

Shop our online store to find our basic bedding suggestions and other great options for your best rest!

Featured blog images:
-- First image: "Basic bedding" is beautiful and anything but boring!
-- Remaining blog images: Biltmore Memorelle Mattress Pad, Pillow, and Comforter by Belk

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