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Gather in the Kitchen: the Quintessential Heart of a Home

Posted on 01/12/2012 by Holly Clark

Why is it that kitchens always draw a crowd, regardless of their size?

We’ve all seen it—regardless of the occasion, family and friends always end up in the kitchen when they visit. Experts say people are drawn to the irresistible smells and activities that come from this room. And many special occasions center on a festive meal; it’s a part of our American culture, a way to celebrate and express gratitude. “The kitchen is where we develop our sense of family,” said Christy Hodgins, Biltmore For Your Home Director of Marketing. “Gathering in the kitchen is all about bonding, warmth, and community. The kitchen and the food that is prepared there give us a way to express love, a way to give to friends and family, and a place for culinary expression.”

You probably spend more time in your kitchen than anywhere else in your home, so it should reflect your personality and include tools and items that simplify your life. Making larger kitchen improvements is also a great investment should you ever decide to sell your home.

One of our Biltmore For Your Home partners can help with flooring that adds warmth and functionality to your space. Hardwood floors from Anderson Floors are more than beautiful—they resist stains and are more “giving,” making it more comfortable to stand for long periods in front of the stove or sink. They are practical too, with seamless construction that keeps food from collecting in crevices.

Updating your kitchen can be as simple as finding just the right cookware. Belk carries a variety of Biltmore For Your Home products, including a 10-piece Tri-Ply Cookware set that estate chefs helped to develop.

“I use these pots and pans at home and have put them through their paces,” said Bistro Executive Chef Edwin French. “They include an air hole that keeps the pots from rattling, and the clear tops let you see what’s happening inside.”

A culinary treasure we’re happy to offer is our selection of cheesecakes, created in partnership with the Atlanta Cheesecake company. Choose from Vanilla Bean Madagascar, Chocolate Fantasy Torte, or Crème Brulee—all are destined to be the perfect finish to a wonderful meal.

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