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Taste the Essence of Spring with Biltmore’s Most Aromatic Wines

Posted on 03/29/2018 by Jean Sexton

Spring is a magical time to breathe deeply and experience the essence of the season, especially during our annual Biltmore Blooms celebration. 

Savoring the moment

For Biltmore Wines, it’s a perfect time to savor the “scent-sations” of our handcrafted varietals that complement the fresh and fragrant aromas of spring. From soft floral notes like those of a vintage perfume to bright hints of fruit and spice, these winning wines will take your senses on an aromatic adventure!

Biltmore Spring Release Rose of Cabernet Franc

Selecting spring-scented wines

Let’s focus on those Biltmore wines that most closely mirror the scent characteristics we associate with spring:

• Nothing could be finer than our annual spring release, carefully-crafted to delight your senses with its aromatic floral bouquet, juicy hints of lightly-sweet fruit, and its delicate rosy color that hints at all the lovely blooms to come. Available in a keepsake bottle featuring original artwork by artist Danielle Withrow of Raleigh, NC, enjoy our Biltmore Rosé of Cabernet Franc with all your favorite spring flavors.  

• Uncork a bottle of our crisp and refreshing Biltmore Estate Sauvignon Blanc and you’ll encounter bright citrus aromas that speak to the return of warmer weather. With fresh peach flavors and an elegant finish, this white wine is a perfect partner for light spring and summer fare—and it also happens to be the favorite varietal of our winemaker Bernard Delille!

Pas de Deux Moscato sparkling with bellini cocktail

• Our Biltmore Estate Limited Release Gewürztraminer opens with highly expressive aromas reminiscent of spring’s lightly-sweet blooms, then gives way to lush flavors of floral, spice, and fruit. If you’ve ever wondered what to pair with your favorite spicy cuisines, this aromatic wine is surprisingly simpatico with dishes that generate a bit of heat.

• If you think red wines are too heavy for the season, just breathe in the elegant cherry aromas of Biltmore Estate Sangiovese and you’ll imagine you’ve been transported to spring in the Italian countryside! The taste—full-bodied with ripe berry flavors intertwined with hints of chocolate—will make you glad you thought outside the red-wine-in-winter box. 

• Semi-sweet and bursting with tiny bubbles, our delightfully aromatic Pas de Deux Moscato sparkling wine features the essence of orange blossom and flavors of wild strawberry and lemon. It smells and tastes as if we captured a perfect day in spring and bottled it for you to sip and savor. Tip: Try it in a refreshing Blackberry Basil Bellini

Spring picnic with Biltmore winesFind your favorites!

Although virtual, we hope this “aromatic tasting” helps you breathe new life into your spring wine adventures! Find all our award-winning wines on the estate, online, and through your local retailers.

Blog images:
-- Featured image: Friends enjoying an aromatic red wine such as Biltmore Estate Sangiovese
-- First image: Biltmore Rosé of Cabernet Franc 
-- Pas de Deux Moscato sparkling wine and Blackberry Basil Bellini
-- Spring picnic with an aromatic white wine such as Biltmore Estate Sauvignon Blanc or Gewürztraminer

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