How to Decorate with Flowers Indoors

Written By Holly Clark

Posted 06/01/12

Updated 06/01/12

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Our Burton + Burton tins make wonderful floral containers.


The warm months of summer provide ample garden blooms and blossoms. This year, bring the beauty of nature inside by decorating your home with fresh floral arrangements.

Cathy Barnhart, Floral Displays Manager at Biltmore, shares her professional tips for creating the perfect floral design for your home. “Look to nature for inspiration,” says Cathy. “Use what you find in your yard, fields, or neighboring woods.” Seasonal grasses, twigs, and wildflowers capture the essence of the season and create a unique bouquet.

When you gather your blossoms, use the proper tools and techniques. Cut plants with clean, sharp shears. Then place cut flowers in a bucket of tepid water in the shade. Continue to let the flowers rest in a cool, dark spot for a couple of hours.

The next step is selecting the perfect container for your blossoms. Go beyond the typical vase and search your home for everyday items that can be turned into dramatic display pieces. For an arrangement that captures the elegance of Biltmore, try elegant planters and vases from Burton + Burton. An aged patina and textured embossing makes these containers a tasteful choice.

Once you’re ready to begin arranging flowers, start with the basics. “Cut all your materials again on a slant to increase water absorption,” says Cathy. Then remove all the foliage that is below the water level in your vase. “This prevents bacteria from growing in the water and helps lengthen the life of your flowers,” says Cathy.

When placing flowers in a container, take cues from the rhythm of summer. “Make your piece more visually interesting by using flowers in varying stages of development,” says Cathy. “Incorporate full blooms, tiny buds, and seed heads.”

For a finishing touch, use greenery for texture and definition. “Mix colors and textures to capture the beauty of summer gardens,” says Cathy. For a more classic look, consider using all white foliage. “White flowers always look cool and fresh,” says Cathy.

Get started on creating your own floral design today. Find our collection of planters from Burton + Burton at a retailer near you.

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