Set the Scene: Create a Romantic Table Make it Special in a Snap

Written By Holly Clark

Posted 02/01/12

Updated 02/01/12

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Try these tips from our Biltmore For Your Home experts to transform your normal décor—regardless of your style—into something special by using your dining table. A few simple touches can add charm and romance to your table setting.

Bring Out Your Finest

Go ahead, use your fine dishes and linens. If not now, when? A simple beginning is to cover the table with a white tablecloth or sheet. Use red or pink placemats made of cloth or paper to set the backdrop for any china. Candles are a must and create a warm and inviting ambiance. Continue to color the table arrangement with red, white, and pink candles. A touch of silver would look pretty, too.

Flowers Say It All

Highlight your romantic theme with red and white roses or other flowers in warm colors. Use one or two small, lower profile vases filled with flowers to dress an intimate table for two. A taller vase would overwhelm the space. Scatter rose petals on the table for a lovely effect.

Add a Dash of Panache

For extra color and sparkle, add sequins, marbles, or glitter to the table. Lace, tulle, and ribbon make nice additions to the table, too.

Have Fun

If whimsical is your style, decorate the table with candy hearts, candy kisses, Valentine cards, or paper hearts. Another fun idea is using the King and Queen of Hearts playing cards. You can make color copies of these in different sizes, cut them out and place them on the table.

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