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Biltmore Winery

Wine-Tasting Tips
New to wine tasting? Don’t be intimidated; sampling wine is a fun process where you discover new varietals and refine your personal taste. At Biltmore Winery, our wine hosts lead you through the process step by step. Our winemakers can provide simple and easy tips for re-creating the process at home.
A Romantic Date at the Winery
Looking for a romantic date that’s unusual and fun? Try a twist on the typical bar and check out the Winery’s specialty wine programs:
  • Red Wine & Chocolate: It’s a match made in heaven that’s endured through the ages. Find out why red wine and chocolate are so sensational together with some hands-on research. A wine host breaks down the science behind the flavors. The sweet conclusion is an opportunity to test the theory with chocolate samples and your favorite Biltmore red wines. (Cost is $20 per person in addition to estate admission.)
  • Biltmore Bubbles Sparkling Wine: Bubbles make everything more fun – even wine! Discover how those tiny bubbles get into wine with a guided tour that reveals the winemaking process and provides a look at our Champagne Bottling Room. The grand finale is a tasting of Biltmore’s six sparkling wines. (Cost is $18 per person in addition to estate admission.)