Collagen Eye Masque

Swiss collagen reduces fine lines and puffiness around the eyes. Applied after a special face massage to encourage skin renewal.

Cost: $20

Collagen Lip Masque

Intense hydration for fine lines and wrinkles. Replenish your lips with this collagen serum masque that smooths and softens.

Cost: $20

Heated Stones

You can choose to incorporate heated stones during your Signature, Swedish, or Deep Tissue Massage to ease tension and heighten relaxation.

Cost: $20

Smooth black stones in wooden bowl

Soothing Facial Masque

Your massage therapist will apply a Soothing Facial Masque and perform a special facial massage to hydrate and soften your skin.

Cost: $20

Aromatherapy Scalp Treatment

Estate-inspired essential oils are deeply massaged into the scalp. Perfect for headaches, tension, stress, and fatigue.

Cost: $20

Invigorating Foot Scrub

Seasonally inspired botanicals complete this indulgent foot massage and invigorating foot scrub. A pampering treatment for tired feet and an active mind.

Cost: $20

Body Exfoliation

Experience a full-body dry brush exfoliation to remove dull skin and stimulate circulation, reducing the appearance of cellulite.

Cost: $20

Facial Peel

Glycolic, salicylic, or fruit enzyme peels are the perfect addition to any facial. By removing sluggish skin cells, they help reveal fresh and rejuvenated skin, providing optimal results. Offered to facial guests only.

Cost: $20

Hand Ritual

Soothe your overworked hands with this indulgent hand treatment, leaving them feeling relaxed and silky soft.

Cost: $20

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