Massage Specialties

Signature Biltmore Massage*

This personalized experience incorporates aromatherapy oils inspired by our estate gardens, a custom pressure massage, and steamed towels to balance your mind, body, and soul. 

Costs: $145 for 50 minutes, $210 for 80 minutes

Relaxation Massage*

This traditional relaxation massage utilizes gentle pressure to help the body recuperate from everyday stress.

Costs: $130 for 50 minutes, $195 for 80 minutes

spa bed with a rose on it

woman in robe at the spa

River Rock Massage*

Melt away mental and physical stress as heated stones are massaged into the body. Carefully placed chakra stones promote serenity and balance throughout your treatment.

Cost: $225 for 80 minutes

Prenatal Massage*

Unwind with this pampering experience designed to relieve the common discomforts associated with pregnancy. Available to guests who are past week 13 of their pregnancy.

Cost: $225 for 80 minutes

Foot Reflexology Treatment*

An ancient Eastern technique that targets specific reflex points on the feet to induce healing responses throughout the body, creating sensory awareness and balance.

Cost: $75 for 25 minutes

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*Enjoy any Massage or Skin Care service in our Couples Retreat.
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