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Bloom Report

Our gardens and grounds are awash in beautiful color. Enjoy our favorite images of blooms taken this season, then see the August report directly from our Director of Horticulture, Parker Andes.

The annual garden beds are at their fullest in August. The designs the gardeners planned out a year ago are fully developed with the layers, textures and color combinations at their peak of maturity. Around the conservatory, the container displays are large enough to provide shaded sitting areas for guests to relax and enjoy the fragrances surrounding them. The Italian Garden pools are full of lilies and other tropical plants that thrive in the heat of summer. Antler Hill Village & Winery is worth visiting just for the colorful plantings with roses, canna lilies and other summer bloomers filling out the beds.


Orchids, hibiscus, chenille plant, orange jasmine, frangipani vine, oleander, mandevilla, heliconias, bat plant, bougainvillea, begonias, jatropha, angel trumpet, pipevines, gardenia, and a wonderful display of container plants surrounding the glass houses

Italian Garden

Hardy and tropical water lilies, Victoria water platters, water cannas, papyrus, and hibiscus

Shrub Garden

Roses, abelia, crocosmia, summersweet clethra, phlox, oakleaf hydrangea, panicle hydrangea, and crepe myrtle

Spring Garden

Sourwood, abelia, and oakleaf hydrangea

Azalea Garden

Sourwood, sweet bay magnolia, plum leaf azalea, pinksterbloom azalea, summersweet clethra, abelia, shasta daisy, and geraniums

Walled Garden

Hibiscus, impatiens, zinnia, coleus, annual and perennial salvias, phlox, daylilies, roses, lilies, rose of Sharon, gaura, canna, and gingers

Entry and Approach Road

Canna, begonia, flowering tobacco, globe flower, cleome, angels trumpet, verbena, plum leaf azalea, oakleaf hydrangea, pee gee hydrangea, summersweet clethra, and waterlilies

Inn on Biltmore Estate

Oakleaf hydrangea, roses, abelia, butterfly bush, perovskia, hibiscus, salvias, cannas, and cup flower

Antler Hill Village & Winery

Crepe myrtle, gardenia, lantana, plumaria, roses, daylilies, butterfly bush, hibiscus, salvias, angelonia, panicle hydrangea, abelia, and oakleaf hydrangea

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