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Bloom Report

Our gardens and grounds are awash in beautiful color. Here is the monthly bloom report, directly from our Director of Horticulture, Parker Andes.
You can expect to see the following blooms through the end of July.


Wonderful container displays in and around the glass houses. Orchids, hibiscus, fuchsia, begonias, elephant ears, heliconia, and passionflower vine

Shrub Garden

Summersweet, roses, oakleaf hydrangea, smooth hydrangea, pee gee hydrangea, vitex, St. John’s wort, butterfly bush, and coneflowers

Spring Garden

Vinca, ferns, abelia, and smooth hydrangea

Azalea Garden

Heliopsis, coneflowers, pinxterbloom azalea, plumleaf azalea, sweet azalea, smooth hydrangea, oakleaf hydrangea, bottlebrush buckeye, and daylilies

Walled Garden

Summer annuals including begonias, caladiums, and ornamental peppers, perennial sages, coneflowers, butterfly bush, canna, daylilies, dahlia, coreopsis, vitex, and roses

Entry and Approach Road

Summer annuals, shasta daisy, geraniums, balloon flower, coneflowers, abelia, sourwoods, heliopsis, plumleaf azalea, sweet azalea, bottlebrush buckeye, St. John’s wort, franklinea, and sweetbay magnolia

Inn on Biltmore Estate

Smooth hydrangea, oakleaf hydrangea, abelia, roses, coneflower, and shasta daisy

Antler Hill Village & Winery

Zinnias, verbena, cannas, sages, coneflower, daylily, shasta daisy, roses, and alamanda vine

Daffodils and Hyacinths bloom in the Walled Garden

Enjoy some of our favorite images of blooms taken the last week of May.

Share Your Photos

Biltmore's horticulture team has picked areas throughout our gardens as prime photo locations to capture the beauty of Biltmore Blooms. Look for photo prompts inside the Conservatory front door display and exhibit room, along paths of the shrub garden, and the north road of the Walled Garden. Share your photos using #BiltmoreBlooms or search the hashtag on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to see what guests have posted.