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Bloom Report

Our gardens and grounds are awash in beautiful color. Enjoy our favorite images of blooms taken this week, then see the detailed weekly report directly from our Director of Horticulture, Parker Andes. You can expect to see these blooms now through May 5.

The tulips are gone, but the azaleas are in peak bloom and rhododendrons are following close behind.


Orchids, cyclamen, gingers, calla lilies, begonias, bananas, brunfelsia, cape jasmine, poppies, gardenia, cactus, and costus

Shrub Garden

Hawthorns, red buckeye, red horse chestnut, azaleas, viburnums, tamarix, slender deutzia, beauty bush, wisteria (finishing), Dutchman’s breeches, Solomon’s seal, dianthus, willow leaved bluestar, baptisia, and tree peony

Spring Garden

Hawthorns, dove tree, redvein enkianthus, sweetshrub, azaleas, rhododendrons, viburnum, weigela, blueberry, beauty bush, and vinca

Azalea Garden

Large leafed magnolias, hawthorns, Mt. laurel, double flowered horse chestnut, hybrid evergreen azaleas, Alabama azalea, flame azalea, Piedmont azalea, redvein enkianthus, rhododendrons, leucothoe, viburnums, trilliums, mayapple, green and gold, heuchera, and Solomon’s seal

Walled Garden

Lilacs, violas and pansies, dianthus, geraniums, columbine, moss phlox, candytuft, bachelors button, bluestar, white wisteria, tree peony, peonies, baptisia, and lily of the valley

Entry and Approach Road

Pansies, weeping katsura trees, hawthorn, red horse chestnut, red buckeye, rhododendrons, sweetshrub, evergreen azaleas, Piedmont and other native azaleas, snowball viburnums, leucothoe, ajuga, creeping phlox, and green and gold

Inn on Biltmore Estate

Red horse chestnut, viburnums, azaleas, black leaved elderberry, baptisia, gladiolus, and ajuga

Antler Hill Village & Winery

Beauty bush, azaleas, viburnums, anise, catmint, poppies, ornamental onions, dianthus, clematis vine, bluestar, and columbine

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