Mariporta Red Dessert Wine

Bottle: $40.00

Designed to delight with a touch of satin and spice, this port-style wine celebrates the excitement of Vanderbilt house parties when friends and family were entertained with boundless hospitality. Inspired by the delicate winged details on a gown worn by a guest at Biltmore, Mariporta flutters between the Spanish word for butterfly and the expressive style of this elegant red dessert wine. 

Velvety smooth and fruit-forward with notes of caramel, mocha, and candied violets; perfect with desserts or as an after-dinner drink. 

Wine Details


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  • Varietal: Blends
  • Appellation: American
  • Acidity: 0.51
  • pH: 3.4
  • Residual Sugar: 12.2%
  • Alcohol: 18.4%

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