Executive Speakers & Facilitators

The Biltmore Center for Professional Development offers guest speakers for any event. Our top executives and facilitators are available to share their insights from years of leadership at Biltmore. These speakers make their stories come alive with encouraging testimony about seeking excellence in every endeavor.

Our speakers are available to share their own stories and customized content either at Biltmore or the location of your choosing. These engaging presenters will offer relevant, practical teaching that can be applied in any organizational context. See our speaker bios to learn more.



Ann Ashley, VP of Talent and Organizational Development for the Biltmore Company.

Ann Ashley
Vice President:
Talent & Organizational Development

Chris Maslin, Biltmore's Sr. Director of Talent & Organizational Development

Chris Maslin
Sr. Director:
Talent & Organizational Development

Anna Sullins, Biltmore's Training & Development Manager

Anna Sullins
Training & Development Manager
Biltmore Center for Professional Development

Hannah Grady, Biltmore Center for Professional Development Coordinator

Hannah Grady
Business Development & Operations Coordinator:
Biltmore Center for Professional Development

Jeff Plack, Director of Business Development for the Biltmore Wine Company

Jeff Plack
Business Development, Biltmore Wine Company

Scott McLean, Manager of Talent Acquisition & Development

Scott McLean
Talent Acquisition & Development

Executive Speakers:


Bill Cecil Jr., President and CEO of Biltmore

Bill Cecil, Jr.
President and CEO

Steve Miller, Executive Vice President of Biltmore (Retired)

Steve Miller
Executive Vice President (retired)

Jerry Douglas, Biltmore Estate Wine Company President

Jerry Douglas
Biltmore Estate Wine Company

Thomas Ruff, President of Biltmore's Attraction Division

Thomas Ruff
Attraction Division

Steve Watson, President of Corporate Service & Biltmore's CFO

Steve Watson
Corporate Services & CFO