Signature Biltmore Massage*

Using aromatherapy oils inspired by our estate gardens, this completely customized massage begins with a foot and back ritual incorporating heated towels to balance your mind, body, and soul.

Costs: $135 for 50 minutes, $200 for 80 minutes

Swedish Massage*

This traditional relaxation massage utilizes gentle pressure to help the body recuperate from everyday stress.

Costs: $120 for 50 minutes, $190 for 80 minutes

Deep Tissue Massage*

Using firm pressure and therapeutic techniques, this massage incorporates heated muscle packs and muscle treatment balm for maximum benefit.

Costs: $130 for 50 minutes, $200 for 80 minutes

spa bed with a rose on it

woman in robe at the spa

River Rock Massage*

Melt away mental and physical stress as heated stones are massaged into the body. Carefully placed chakra stones promote serenity and balance throughout your treatment.

Cost: $205 for 80 minutes

Prenatal Massage*

Relax in a side-lying massage especially created to soothe and comfort your changing body. Precautions and support provide a relaxing treatment utilizing gentle pressure. Please inform us of your due date at time of reservation.

Cost: $225 for 80 minutes

Foot Reflexology Treatment*

An ancient Eastern technique that goes deeper than the skin and muscles. Specific reflex points on the feet induce healing responses to corresponding organs throughout the body, creating an overall feeling of sensory awareness and balance.

Cost: $75 for 25 minutes

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*Available as a couple’s treatment.
Prices are subject to change without notice.