Biltmore Estate Policies

We welcome guests to explore the estate and enjoy our many offerings. In addition to being a destination to visit, Biltmore is a privately owned property and working farm. In preparation for enjoying time at Biltmore, please be aware of the following policies.

Biltmore Estate Policies

  • What is not allowed in Biltmore House?
    • Food and drink
    • Pets (except service animals)
    • Weapons*
    • Personal bags larger than 19″ x 14″ x 9″ (more details below)
    • Wheeled bags
    • Video recording and sketching
    • Photography and cell phone use that interferes with the enjoyment of other guests.

    For your safety and the protection of this historic home, all guests must enter through a security scanner for each entry to the building.

    *Law enforcement officers are not exempt unless coordinated and approved in advance by Biltmore’s Director of Security & Police Operations.

  • Personal Items in Biltmore House

    Guests may bring a personal bag no larger than 19″ x 14″ x 9″ into Biltmore House.

    If your bag does not meet these requirements, please leave it in your vehicle or ask about storage options. Exceptions will be made for medical items after inspection.

    Backpacks are not allowed on any guided tours, including Rooftop, Backstairs, Exclusive, and Expert-Guided tours. Guests are required to leave backpacks in a locker or in their vehicle.

    We reserve the right to refuse admission for any bag, parcel, or other item. Weapons are prohibited*.


    *Law enforcement officers are not exempt unless coordinated and approved in advance by Biltmore’s Director of Security & Police Operations.

  • Food & Beverage Policy

    Outside food and beverage are not permitted in estate dining locations, Antler Hill Village or Biltmore House areas, including the Front Lawn area of Biltmore House, Stable Courtyard, and South Terrace.

    Picnics with outside food and beverages are permitted in other locations on the grounds and we invite you to visit Guest Services for recommended picnic spots. Tailgating, including the use of tents, grills, multiple camping chairs/tables, and large coolers, is not permitted in Biltmore parking lots or on the grounds.

    No outside alcohol is ever permitted on Biltmore property.

  • Pet Policy

    The grounds are perfect for walking your pets, but please keep them securely leashed at all times. Animals (except service animals) are not allowed in any building. Animals are allowed on the outdoor patios of Bistro and Cedric’s Tavern, but patio seating should be requested from the host or hostess inside first. All animals must be leashed on estate grounds for their own safety and the comfort of our other guests. Please be courteous of others and pick up after your pet.

  • Ticket & Estate Visit Policies

    Tickets are not valid after original use. Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable. The service charge is non-refundable. Resale of tickets is prohibited by law and/or regulation.

    Your ticket purchase gives Biltmore, its representatives, and the media authorization to use and reproduce any video or photographs of you and your party.

    Guests visiting Biltmore are subject to the rules and regulations governing this private property and the State of North Carolina.

  • Bicycle Policy

    Bicycles are considered vehicles in North Carolina and must be operated in full compliance with state vehicle laws as well as Biltmore policies. All traffic and directional signage on estate property applies equally to motor vehicles and bicycles.

    To ride your bike on the estate, you must be a Biltmore Annual Passholder, a guest of The Inn, Village Hotel, or Cottages on Biltmore Estate®, or have an estate daytime admission ticket for that day.

    Where you can and cannot ride

    You are welcome to ride your bike in the following areas:

    Bicycle riding is allowed on estate property and roads as well as designated bike trails throughout the estate. Both bike riders and guests in cars have access to the same roads.

    Bicycles are prohibited in the following areas:

    • Non-guest areas
    • All trails designated for horseback riding
    • Shuttle route area in front of Biltmore House
    • Garden paths; riders must disembark and “walk” their bicycles in these areas
    • Beyond the Bollards to the front of Biltmore House

    Bicycles as Primary Transportation
    If your primary mode of transportation onto the estate is a bicycle, you:

    • Must stop at Lodge Gate to present your Pass or admission ticket
    • May access estate roads to travel directly to your destination
    • Must exit via the estate’s main entrance unless instructed to do otherwise

    If you are transporting bicycles on your motor vehicle, you:

    • Must travel either to parking areas near the house or to Antler Hill Village parking
    • May not park at Group Sales, Gate House Gift Shop, or the Reception & Ticketing Sales Center to unload your bicycle; if you do so, you will be asked to return to your motor vehicle and park elsewhere to unload.

    If you need to park your bicycle to tour Biltmore House, bicycle storage is located near the North iron gate by the Rampe Douce.

    State Laws and Biltmore Policies

    All guests must follow ALL rules as established through the Laws of the State of North Carolina as well as Biltmore policies.

    Per these laws and policies, bicycle riders:

    • Younger than 16 must wear a helmet at all times.
    • May not pass other guest or estate vehicles, carriage horses, or other bicycle riders.
    • May not travel the wrong way/against traffic.
    • Must remain in line when presenting their Admission Ticket or Annual Pass at Biltmore’s Lodge Gate, Admissions Gate, or Passholder Entry Lane.

    Should you or your guests violate these policies, we reserve the right to revoke estate access via bicycle and/or your Annual Pass at any time.

    Trail Information & Bike Rentals

    Please visit the Outdoor Adventure Center and/or Bike Barn in Antler Hill Village for instructions and trail maps.

    Bike rentals are also available at the Bike Barn for an additional fee.

  • Photography

    Thank you for helping us preserve the integrity of the Biltmore name and image by cooperating with the following policies.

    Inside Biltmore House

    Taking photographs by cell phone or cameras, without flash, is permitted on the self-guided tour for personal use only. No commercial photography is allowed. Photography is not permitted on specialty tours inside Biltmore House.

    Video cameras, tripods, monopods, selfie sticks, or any other photography equipment are not allowed inside Biltmore House. For the safety and convenience of all guests, group photos must be taken outside of Biltmore House.

    Outside Biltmore House

    Taking photographs of the exterior of Biltmore House and grounds or sketching images of the house or estate grounds is permitted for personal use only.  Set up must be minimal, requiring no more than two pieces of equipment. The following are not permitted for personal photography or sketching: changing of clothing, hair or make-up styling, lighting set-up, or disruption of guest areas.  For wedding photography, see the policy below.  All commercial uses are prohibited without express written consent. Recording, filming, photography, or taping of any concert is strictly prohibited.

    Drones & Aerial Photography

    The use of unmanned aerial vehicles or drones while on Biltmore property is prohibited. Aerial photography of Biltmore House is prohibited without written consent.

    Wedding Photography

    Taking wedding photography or portraits on the property is prohibited without previous written permission.

    The image, logo, and name of Biltmore are registered trademarks and cannot be used by outside parties without permission from The Biltmore Company. If you would like to publish one of our images, please complete our online form and fax it to 828-225-6139. This signed form is required to process your request. If you are unable to access this form or have other questions about photo usage, please contact us.