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Historic Preservation

Putting Preservation First

The mission statement of Biltmore is “The preservation of Biltmore as a privately-owned, profitable, working estate.” With an emphasis on preservation, it’s no surprise Biltmore prides itself on having an in-house conservation department.

The Museum Services department oversees all things regarding the preservation of Biltmore House and its contents. While the team works daily behind the scenes, its efforts are evident in every inch of Biltmore House and beyond.

Members of the Museum Services department spend each day researching estate history, and often make new discoveries about the Vanderbilts and their friends, family, and associates along the way. The same meticulous fact-finding goes into the work that the team’s preservationists and conservationists do when restoring objects from the Biltmore archives. These tasks are part of the ongoing mission to preserve and present Biltmore House in an authentic manner relevant to George Vanderbilt’s time.