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Building Biltmore House

Building Biltmore House

At the height of the Gilded Age, three of the era’s most significant figures combined their vision with the tireless labor of hundreds of individuals to create one of the most magnificent residences in the country. The construction of Biltmore House brought together the highest quality materials from around the world, technological innovation, and logistic coordination on an unprecedented scale.

This exhibition reveals how America’s Largest Home® went from vision to reality.


A Vast and Talented Team

Constructing what would become known as Biltmore House required a vast and talented team: hundreds of hardworking paid laborers, artisans, and skilled craftsmen. Many of them parlayed their Biltmore experience into successful Asheville-based careers.

Meet Some of Them Now

Group photograph of workers who helped build Biltmore House

The people mentioned in this exhibit represent a very small percentage of the total workforce required throughout construction. Our effort to understand these employees is just beginning. We recognize their stories are vital to the history of Biltmore and Western North Carolina. It is our privilege to remember them and our responsibility to continue this research. If you would like to share a story about a family member involved in the construction of Biltmore House or the estate’s early history, please contact us.

Visit In Person

We invite you to experience Building Biltmore House in person. Located in what is known as the Halloween Room in the Basement area of Biltmore House, this collection of large-scale exhibition panels was installed in 2019 and is a must-see part of your self-guided house tour.

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