Gracious Hospitality is Key to Success

Written By Emily McCollin


The Art of Customer Service

They say, “nice guys finish last,” but at Biltmore we believe this to be farthest from the truth, especially when it comes to how we serve our guests. We believe kindness, or as we prefer to say, practicing gracious hospitality, is the ultimate key to success. After all, anyone with the right tools can deliver a “perfect” product which is exactly what the customer expects. However, by practicing gracious hospitality – being genuinely warm and authentically nice – we are able to deliver a customer experience that far outweighs the quality of any product we can sell.Biltmore employee assisting guest with a smile

When Biltmore employees offer gracious hospitality toward our guests, they behave in a warm, sincere and gracious manner. Our goal is for guests to sense the authenticity of our true desire to serve and understand their individual needs, so we may then exceed their expectations. While our guests have many options to choose from, they will not encounter elsewhere the unique brand of gracious hospitality for which Biltmore is known.

Biltmore’s standard for gracious hospitality parlays well into any business. For example, the choices for southwestern style restaurants are numerous in our part of the country, however my own family chooses the same restaurant 90% of the time. Why? Not because their food is always the best. In fact, a few times we have been disappointed. This particular restaurant has a difficult parking situation, is hard to access by highway, and is not very close to home. So why do we go to this restaurant time and time again? We have young children and the wait staff provides a tremendous guest experience. They remember our names – and they use them. They often bring complimentary queso (who doesn’t love queso?!) to our table to entertain the children until the meal arrives. However, the children rarely need much entertainment because the rest of the dining room crew stops by throughout our meal to say hello and ask about our day. This consistently positive customer service experience keeps us loyal more than a product ever will.

At Biltmore Center for Professional Development, we feel very strongly that the quality of product sold should be unmatched in every situation; however, we also understand that sometimes two stores sell the same widget. So the only thing we feel more strongly about than product quality, is a consistent, organization-wide approach to providing gracious hospitality. A well-executed customer experience generates loyalty that creates clients for life.

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