The Constant of Change

Written By Chris A. Maslin


Strategic Storytelling

Remember as a kid trying to write your name with your non-dominate hand?  You laughed at the scribbles on paper that looked as if a toddler had made the attempt.  Truth is – if you ever were to lose the use of your dominate hand, you would eventually change hands and adapt.  Sure, it would be challenging at first but, over time, you would become a skilled and proficient writer with the other hand.

The same can be said for change in the workplace.  Often times, we have no control over the change, but are simply presented with it as the new way things are to be done.  Our choices are to fight back as if we can undo the change or switch hands and adapt.  Sound easy?  It certainly is not, but our approach to change makes all the difference.  If we can come to accept change in the workplace as inevitable, we have an opportunity to be proactive in our attitude and approach – looking ahead for the next big change, and even playing a role in its planning and facilitation.  If we constantly resist change, however, we are forced into reactive mode and left struggling to accept the change while our company and coworkers pass us by.

Isaac Asimov said, “The only constant is change.”   Consider those wise words unchangeable.


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