A Father’s Love

Written By Leslie Klingner

Posted 06/13/13

Updated 05/11/23

Estate History

George Vanderbilt as a Father

Father’s Day is a time to celebrate the unique bond between fathers and children, and here at Biltmore we’re revisiting some of our favorite moments that George Vanderbilt and his daughter, Cornelia, shared over the years.

George was in awe of Cornelia as a baby, as we can see in the main photo. Here he’s holding her on the Loggia a month after her birth in 1900. The tender and bemused look on his face says it all!

As Cornelia grew, she began to travel with George and her mother, Edith, on their many voyages to Europe and around the United States. In the photo above, Cornelia wears a sporty traveling outfit as they sit on the deck of a boat, cozy in blankets, as sea companions.

Back at home at Biltmore, George accompanied Cornelia out to splash in the fountain on the Esplanade one summer day. He remained dressed, as dapper as ever, while Cornelia was ready to swim in a cap and bathrobe.

George was a loving father, and he and Cornelia enjoyed many adventures together. We hope that you and your family have a great Father’s Day.

Celebrate Father’s Day at Biltmore

If you’re in the neighborhood this Sunday, all dads receive free admission on Father’s Day with the purchase of a youth or adult ticket at the Reception & Ticketing Sales Center. See all admission ticket specials.

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