A Special Frame Of Mind

Written By Holly Clark

Posted 01/12/14

Updated 01/12/14

For the Home

From Valentine’s Day to Mother’s Day, graduations, and June weddings, it’s never too early to plan a gift for someone special. A custom-framed photograph can capture a moment–and we have some great ideas for turning that moment into a memory that will last forever!

Make the gift extra special when you use Biltmore frames like the one featured here. It's from our Billiard Collection, which is inspired by the Billiard Room in Biltmore House.

Candid With Quote

Rather than the typical pose facing the camera, choose a fun or candid image from your wedding and add a meaningful quote below it.

Tip: ask your custom framer to cut a section out of the matting and add the favorite quote in the cut-out.

Our Place

Frame a picture of a couple's favorite place. A city skyline, favorite restaurant, or hiking spot are all great choices.

Tip: consider choosing the spot where your friends met—it will always be a keepsake for them!

Dreamy Destination

For a great wedding gift, frame a map of their honeymoon destination, or the spot where your friends are planning to go.

Tip: old-world maps add a vintage look and another layer of interest to the presentation. This is also an easy project to turn into a shadow box with mementos from their trip!

Remember, professional matting, framing, and glass choices can help keep those precious photographs from fading over time.

Find our estate-inspired collections of Biltmore Frames here.

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