A Valentine Blend of Bulbs

Written By Holly Clark

Posted 01/31/13

Updated 01/31/13

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A sweet ‘Valentine’ mix

Want to surprise your favorite gardener with a sweet spring gift? Consider easy-to-grow dahlias in a gorgeous array of colors like the new Biltmore ‘Valentine’ mix from Netherland Bulb Company. Dahlias offer glorious blooms sure to delight the novice gardener as well as the seasoned professional.

This dahlia mixture contains several different varieties and is called ‘Valentine’ in honor of the red and white colors you can expect from the mature flowers. The mix is perfect for the adventurous gardener—just plant in the spring and be surprised all over again in summer when the colorful blooms began to open up in your garden.

As one expert said, “Never have so many gardeners received so much for so little work, as when they grow dahlias.’‘

Ask your local garden center for Biltmore ‘Valentine’ dahlia mix and other Netherland Bulb Company products.


Hooked on dahlias

Dahlias come in a wide array of sizes, colors, and textures and are one of the most rewarding summer flowers of all. They’re really easy to grow and generally provide spectacular results whether you leave them in the garden or use them as cut flowers in arrangements.

If you’re already a dahlia fan, you know just how wonderful they are. If you’re not as familiar with these summery showstoppers, here is the information you need to get started (and prepare to be ‘hooked!’).


Dahlia details

Dahlias are native to Mexico, but there’s about as much resemblance between the original native varieties and the modern Dutch hybrids as there is between a toy car and a brand new model in the showroom.

When planting dahlia ‘bulbs,’ be aware that the bulbs are actually tubers. They look a lot like peony roots—or sort of like a bunch of carrots. The plants grow quickly and always produce lush, green foliage. Some dahlias grow quite tall, as well, and may need to be staked for support—especially those varieties that produce large, heavy flower heads.

Thanks to our licensee Netherland Bulb Company for providing interesting information on dahlias—plus a wonderful mix of cheerful colors sure to make everyone smile!

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