And the Winner is… Titanic

Written By Amy Dangelico

Posted 01/08/18

Updated 03/13/24

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Please enjoy this archived content from 2018.

Our newest exhibition, Glamour on Board: Fashion from Titanic the Movie, features costumes from the iconic production, which holds the record for the most Academy Award® nominations and the record for the most Oscars® won by a single film.

The 1997 movie was nominated for 14 Academy Awards, tying All About Eve (1950) for the most Oscar nominations. Additionally, it won 11 of those awards, tying Ben Hur (1959)—and later matched by The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003)—for having won the most Oscars.

Titanic’s Academy Awards include:

Needless to say, the award we’re most excited about is “Best Costume Design”—which means that each and every costume on display in our exhibition is a true Academy Award-winner!

While key costumes from the film have been shown in other places, this is the first large-scale display—including outfits of background characters, shoes, accessories, and more.

Here’s a sneak peek at the detailing on a few of those fabulous pieces that’ll be displayed during Glamour on Board.

1. Rose DeWitt Bukater’s Yellow Breakfast Dress will be on display in the Oak Sitting Room during Glamour on Board.

Titanic at Biltmore Yellow Breakfast Dress

2. Rose’s red shoes, along with the famed Jump Dress, will be on display in the Library during Glamour on Board.

Titanic at Biltmore Rose's Red Shoes

3. Rose’s iconic Boarding Hat from the start of the film will be on display near the Winter Garden during Glamour on Board.

Titanic at Biltmore Rose's Boarding Hat

Join us for the exhibition beginning on February 9, 2018 until May 13, 2018. Also, be sure to ask about our limited-time Glamour on Board Premium Guided Tour. In this 90-minute tour, you’ll learn captivating stories behind the costumes’ creation, and get fascinating insights into the elegance of the era’s fashions, culture of the times, costume design, and making of the film.

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