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Explore Our 22 Miles of Trails

Posted on 01/06/2017 by Sharon Bell Comments(13)

Whether you're at Biltmore for a short stay or are an Annual Passholder, exploring Biltmore's trails is an excellent way to get some outdoor exercise. From leisurely strolls to intense workouts, our trails offer a variety of routes that can be tailored to your skill level, and of course, spectacular views throughout each season.

We've listed some of our recommended routes below, and please refer to our Garden Map or Trail Map before you embark. All of the trails listed below are pet-friendly, well-maintained, and offer guests the peace-of-mind that comes with being located on private property. For more infomation, please contact the Outdoor Adventure Center at 828-225-1331.


Walk in our manicured gardens on paved paths

Historic Gardens (walking) - This popular leisurely walking path incorporates the Italian Garden (gravel), Shrub Garden (paved), Walled Garden (paved) and Spring Garden (mulch), stretching about 1-2 miles depending on the particular paths you choose. Enjoy the seasonal blooms with the benefit of several benches along the way to stop, catch your breath, and admire Biltmore's beauty. Please note, some access points to the Shrub Garden and Walled Garden require going up or down railed stairways. 

Azalea Garden (walking) - This mostly-paved walking path can be accessed from either the Spring Garden or Walled Garden. This lovely path allows guests to go even deeper into Biltmore's historic gardens, offering benches along the way, and leads to Bass Pond Waterfall, Boat House, and spectacular views across the Bass Pond at approximately 1 mile.


View from the Lagoon

Lagoon Trail (walking, running, biking) - This mostly flat, paved trail leads to the Lagoon, which offers a striking view of the west side of Biltmore House (a popular picnic spot). Start and end at Antler Hill Village for a pleasant 3-mile trip while the French Broad River and estate farmland provide pleasant scenery. 

Farm Trail (walking, running, biking) - This this flat gravel and dirt road runs along the permieter of Biltmore's grounds and the French Broad River. Totaling 6 miles, this trail also leads into the Arbor Trace Trail at one end, and the Lagoon Trail at the other.

Westover Trails (hiking, biking, trail running) - Access this set of trails from the Bike Barn or The Inn on Biltmore Estate to see some of Biltmore’s beautiful woodland. Loop these The green (1.7 miles) and blue routes (2.8 miles) allow guests to be immersed in nature while offering wide enough trails for a comfortable experience and just a few rolling hills to get your heart pumping.


Biltmore Westover Trails

Westover Trails (hiking, trail-running, biking) - The black route totals 3.5 miles round-trip inside Biltmore's beautiful woodland. The narrow trail offers steep hills and is great for a technical single-track bike ride, or authentic hiking experience.

Arbor Trace Trail (hiking, trail-running, biking) - This trail can only be accessed by first following the Farm Trail. The 3.5 mile roundtrip route travels in and out of the woods providing scenic views of the estate’s agriculture and the historic Cottage on Biltmore Estate. The last stretch of the trail (black) is quite narrow and an optional loop.

Deerpark Trail (walking, running, biking) - This challenging uphill treck is quite popular due to the stunning view of Biltmore's backside it offers. For an even longer challenge, start at Antler Hill Village and take the Farm Trail, to the Lagoon Trail which will meet Deerpark Trail. 

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Posted on 08/04/2019 By Margaret D

Hi. I am about to buy an annual pass for biking and walking. Is it easy to tell which paths cyclists should not use? Also, may I bring my leashed dog?

Hi Margaret, Thank you so much for your question! We are delighted to hear that you are interested in becoming a Biltmore Annual Passholder. Detailed trail maps are available at Biltmore's Bike Barn in Antler Hill Village, and you are welcome to bring your leashed dogs to any of our outdoor areas. – Biltmore Blog Editor

Posted on 03/24/2019 By DEBBIE C

We want to bring our own bikes and do not plan to see anything else? Do we have to pay the normal entrance fee?

Hi Debbie, thank you for your question. A ticket is needed to enter Biltmore Estate even if you don't plan on visiting the house. If riding your bike on the grounds frequently is something you'd like to do, we recommend becoming a Biltmore Annual Passholder. More information can be found at – Biltmore Blog Editor

Posted on 03/19/2018 By Joanne W

Is there a map online of all the trails? I am a Pass holder and plan to walk and ride my bike often and would love to know where all the trails are.

Hi, Joanne! You can download a .pdf trail map on our Outdoor Activities page. – Biltmore Blog Editor

Posted on 03/11/2018 By Kelly D

Hello. We are visiting next month and would like a good view of the bridge on Bass Pond (the one from the film, Last of the Mohicans). Is that easy to get to?

Hi, Kelly! The Bass Pond bridge is very easy to find. If you follow the main road past Biltmore House and through our historic gardens, it will take you straight to it. Enjoy! – Biltmore Blog Editor

Posted on 02/28/2018 By Roberta O

On one of my many visits I saw a large black bear in the field when exiting. Any seen while on the walking trails?

Hi, Roberta! Biltmore is a natural habitat for wildlife and as such, our guests may see these animals during a visit to the estate. – Biltmore Blog Editor

Posted on 10/27/2017 By Kevin B

Are you allowed to go off the trails when Hiking?

Hi, Kevin! Thanks for your question. We do ask for guests to stay on the marked trails while exploring the estate. This is not only for safety concerns, but also to prevent erosion and to help protect our natural resources. Thanks for your understanding! – Biltmore Blog Editor

Posted on 10/09/2017 By Jeff P

Hello, we're planning on bringing our own bicycles on a bike rack and doing some exploring after touring the house. Should we leave them on the rack until after touring the house or is there bicycle parking outside the house? (to save us from having to go back to our parked vehicle) thanks!

Hi, Jeff! Yes, there is bike rack behind Biltmore House, which also marks the beginning of our Deer Park Trail. For reference, you can download a .pdf of our trail map on our Outdoor Activities page. – Biltmore Blog Editor

Posted on 09/02/2017 By Lynell H

Visiting in mid-Oct, looking for the best birding trails at that time. Does shuttle get to trails and back to lodging?

Hi, Lynell! The best birding trails in mid-October include the Lagoon Trail and the Bass Pond Path to watch for migrating waterfowl, cormorants, ospreys, and eagles, among others. While the lodging shuttle includes stops near the Bass Pond, the trailhead is not an exact drop-off point, nor is the Lagoon. However, the Westover Trails, which are walking distance from both The Inn and Village Hotel, are great to watch for our year-round birds like pileated and other woodpeckers, chickadees, nuthatches, blue jays, wild turkeys, and owls. – Biltmore Blog Editor

Posted on 08/20/2017 By Mike L

Greetings - we are planning a trip for Labor Day and will be bringing our bikes. Is there a trail that leads close to the house which is accessible by bike? If we want to tour the house while on our bike adventure, is there somewhere to lock them up?

Great question, Mike! And yes—there is a bike trail that begins in Antler Hill Village and takes you to a bike rack behind Biltmore House. Follow the Lagoon Trail all the way to the Deer Park Trail which will lead you to a moderate incline towards the back of the house. The one-way trip is 2.4 miles long and requires geared bikes as the Deer Park Trail is a mix of single-track and double-track dirt. For reference, you can download a .pdf of our trail map on our Outdoor Activities page. Enjoy the ride and your visit! – Biltmore Blog Editor

Posted on 07/31/2017 By Sheila W

The unpaved parking near the azalea garden trail was closed off recently. Will it reopen?

Hi, Sheila! Yes, this parking area was recently closed as our crew was setting up for the Biltmore Concert Series. It has since reopened. We apologize for any inconvenience during that time! – Biltmore Blog Editor