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On the Archivist’s Desk: A Century’s Worth of Records

Posted on 01/09/2017 by Amy Dangelico Comments(3)

Biltmore archivist Jill Hawkins is responsible for cataloging, managing, and preserving Biltmore’s historic records. With more than a century’s worth of manuscripts, books, photographs, drawings, and the like to handle, organization is paramount.

Biltmore Marketing MaterialBiltmore Winery video, circa 1985

One of Jill’s projects is conducting an inventory of outdated Biltmore marketing materials, which is no small task. Some of the items have labels, helping to put the pieces together, but many do not. From hard copies of video mailing tapes to recordings of commercials from as far back as the 1970s, there are literally dozens of boxes of material to be processed.Archived Marketing Film

The marketing materials include three types of records: audiovisuals, photographs, and paper documents. The audiovisual materials are the least stable of the three and must first be digitized before they can be cataloged. Jill sent the master videotape collection to be digitized first and is now preparing to send a collection of film reels to be digitized.

Chauncey Beadle’s Incoming CorrespondenceBeadle Correspondence, circa 1925

Jill is also processing estate superintendent Chauncey Beadle’s incoming correspondence. Of all George Vanderbilt’s principal managers, Beadle’s archival collection is by far the largest.Nursery Dept. Records

Beadle said he came to Biltmore for a month and stayed for a lifetime. From his initial role as Biltmore nursery supervisor in 1890 to his final role as estate superintendent until his death in 1950, there is an enormous amount of correspondence to be processed. From files and files tightly pressed…Boxes of Beadle Correspondence

…in boxes and boxes…Beadle Correspondence

…which fill shelves upon shelves.

Accessions: Biltmore Dairy FarmsBiltmore Dairy

Cataloging new accessions is an ongoing project for Jill. Accessions are documents and objects acquired through either donation or purchase to be added to Biltmore’s archival collections. Most recently, she received some items from the days of the Biltmore Dairy.Time Book open

Perhaps most notable is a “Time Book,” providing a record of names, hours, and wages of dairy workers from January 1908 through October 1909.Biltmore Dairy coupon book

Another fascinating new accession is a coupon book, likely from around the same time.Coupon book open

With such a massive and ever-growing amount of material to manage, Jill certainly has her work cut out for her—but she assures us that it is a labor of love.

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Posted on 01/20/2018 By James R

I would dearly like to see these archives, especially the architectural drawings, AND the rooms in the bachelors wing they are stored in.

Posted on 08/23/2017 By Elizabeth H

What kind of degree must one receive to be able to have a career as an archivist? It would be fascinating and I ADORE organization.

Grest question, Elizabeth! Generally speaking, most archivists—including Biltmore's Archivist and Associate Archivist—have a Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS) degree. – Biltmore Blog Editor

Posted on 02/16/2017 By Collette B

I especially like the first letter you have shown here, dated May 6, 1917 rom The Briggs to Mr. D. Beadle....that is my Mother's date of birth..May 6, 1917. She lived to be 97 years of age; passed away July 25,2014. I took her to visit the Biltmore approximately 17 years ago. She loved it; counted every step she went up/down. So thankful I got to take her and let her see the beauty in that house. I have been 6 times and will go again if I get the chance. Love it.

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