Create Cocktail Chemistry with Biltmore Conservatory Rose Gin

All Things Biltmore • 06/07/21

Written By Jean Sexton

Create cocktail chemistry with Biltmore Conservatory Rose Gin–a delicious collaboration between two family-led companies in Asheville, North Carolina.

Biltmore Conservatory Rose Gin

Chemist Conservatory Rose Gin
Biltmore Conservatory Rose Gin crafted is a collaboration with Chemist Spirits in Asheville, NC

Mixed or muddled, handcrafted botanical gins are very much on trend, and none surpass the pure elegance of Biltmore Conservatory Rose Gin.

“This is a spirit created in collaboration with Biltmore Winery to evoke the classic refinement of Biltmore’s gardens in bloom,” said Chris Price, Wine Marketing Manager.

Barrels at Biltmore's Winery
Oak barrels in the Barrel Room at Biltmore Winery

The 84 proof base gin crafted by Chemist Spirits expresses soft juniper notes bursting with bright citrus. It is then matured for several months in Merlot-soaked estate barrels for a rich infusion of wild raspberry and toasted oak flavors.

Perfect petals

In addition to the traces of Merlot, the gin rests on fresh-picked rose petals from Biltmore’s historic Rose Garden, resulting in a palate-pleasing botanical gin infused with delicate nuances of pink and white roses, vanilla, and a kiss of oak that finishes with a smooth, velvety note of dry red wine.

Perfect blooms in Biltmore's historic Rose Garden
Petals from blooms in Biltmore’s historic Rose Garden were selected for the spirited collaboration that resulted in Biltmore Conservatory Rose Gin

“We invite you to enjoy Biltmore Conservatory Rose Gin in the ‘spirit’ in which it is intended–as a reminder to slow down and savor those lingering moments that capture the sweeping romance of the estate and inspire us to pause and drink in the roses,” Chris said.

Cocktail chemistry

Create cocktail chemistry with Biltmore Conservatory Rose Gin
Create cocktail chemistry like this elegant “Vie en Rose” with Biltmore Conservatory Rose Gin

To honor this exclusive collaboration in which Chemist Spirits locally distilled gin is carefully aged in Biltmore Estate® Merlot barrels—along with a fragrant profusion of petals from estate roses—we’re shaking things up with a trio of Biltmore wines perfectly paired with a splash of spirits to create instant cocktail chemistry:

Create instant cocktail chemistry with Biltmore Rose Gin
Enjoy a refreshing French Rose 75 Cocktail featuring Biltmore sparkling wine and Biltmore Conservatory Rose Gin

• Bistro invites you to sip their sensational Vie en Rose cocktail featuring Biltmore Estate® Syrah and Biltmore Conservatory Rose Gin.
• The Gin & Zin Tonic, featuring Biltmore Estate® Limited Release Zinfandel and Biltmore Conservatory Rose Gin, is available at Cedric’s® Tavern.
• Perfect for any occasion, the elegant French Rose 75 cocktail with Biltmore Estate® Brut Sparkling and Biltmore Conservatory Rose Gin is a favorite at The Inn on Biltmore Estate®.

Find Biltmore Conservatory Rose Gin and Biltmore wines

Create cocktail chemistry with Biltmore Conservatory Rose Gin
Create cocktail chemistry with Biltmore Conservatory Rose Gin and our trio of Biltmore wines!

Enjoy signature Biltmore Conservatory Rose Gin cocktails at each of the estate restaurants listed above, and find our award-winning wines in Biltmore shops, online, or close to home with our Retail Locator.

To purchase Biltmore Conservatory Rose Gin by the bottle (while supplies last), visit or contact Chemist Spirits in Asheville.

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