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Discover our Wedgewood Bedding Collection

Written By Holly Clark

Posted 03/11/16

Updated 03/11/16

For the Home

No other brand in the world enchants and delights like Biltmore. It’s a timeless way of life inspired by George and Edith Vanderbilt’s vision of gracious living and hospitality. Grounded in beauty and refinement, the spirit of Biltmore is captured in every stylish detail and exquisite element of the products our partners produce.

Breakfast Room in Biltmore HouseThe Breakfast Room is a wonderful example of inspiration. From its richly-textured leather wall coverings and silk cut-velvet fabrics to the bright colors of the two Renoir paintings displayed on the walls, the room envelopes guests in a warm, intimate setting full of rich details. It is the fireplace-surround, however, that connected beautifully to our Wedgewood Bedding Collection.

Blue and white Wedgwood-style tilesAlthough we have few archival notes on the origin of the surround or its installation at Biltmore, the delicate blue and white tiles are late 19th century jasperware, which is a type of colored stoneware to which a relief decoration—usually white—is applied. The surround in the Breakfast Room is after the style of legendary British potter Josiah Wedgwood.

Wedgewood Bedding CollectionInspired by the soft wedgewood blue-color hues in these jasperware-style tiles, our gorgeous woven jacquard Wedgewood Bedding brings a classic note to your bedroom with hints of color that harmonize with existing décor. Enjoy this refined bedding ensemble complete with a tasteful collection of coordinating decorative pillows and beautiful window treatments.

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