Drawing A Blank — Refreshing Your Wall Decor

Written By Holly Clark

Posted 09/24/15

Updated 09/24/15

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The phrase “drawing a blank” might have negative connotations if you can’t immediately think of a name or a topic, but it’s also a great place to start when you want to refresh your décor!

Biltmore prints framed and hanging on a wallDo you have a bare wall in your living room or guest room, or maybe a space that just needs a bit of lift in order to look its best? It’s easier than you think to create a great-looking focal point that harmonizes with the rest of your home. Here are some great tips from Lydia VanderVoort, Biltmore For Your Home Licensing Director and one of our design experts who not only appreciates fine art but also understands the value of a great frame in bringing it all together:

“Sometimes, it’s as simple as aligning the framing of a piece of artwork with the existing feel of your room,” said Lydia. “Choose a print with a coordinating mat and frame, or have a favorite piece custom-framed to reflect the color and texture of the room.”

According to Lydia, you might consider a print that picks up the flowing curves of a bed frame or other signature piece in the room. “Choose artwork that mimics the flow.” suggested Lydia. “It makes a dynamic statement that keeps the room feeling lively.”

Another interesting technique is the layering of artwork. According to Lydia, you might choose the same print in slightly different colors and hang them together. “This provides a united theme,” she said, “but gives that sense of motion and texture that keeps things interesting.”

“To make the print truly personal, consider framing a great shot from your last vacation,” Lydia said. “It will provide a fresh perspective for your wall, and it’s a great conversation-starter for your guests.”

Biltmore prints framed and hung on a wallExpecting guests or inviting family to stay with you during the holidays? That gives you a great reason to change out your artwork for a seasonal piece that sets a welcome mood.

“I think it would be great fun to select the J, O, and Y from our vintage alphabet prints,” said Lydia, “and custom frame them on the diagonal to spell JOY. You could then attach the frames to a backing so they could easily be hung together. It’s perfect for the holidays, or any time of year!”

For another holiday idea, Lydia suggests custom-framing a vintage Christmas card like the featured image for this blog post.

“You could also frame a few holly branches or even a holly cross-stitch pattern,” Lydia said. “Any simple holiday item that speaks to you can be framed and become a beautiful and unique addition to your décor—and a quality frame can help preserve your special memories for generations!”

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