It's All About the Pampering

Written By Leeann Donnelly

Posted 04/09/13

Updated 04/09/13

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women gathering herbs with handsWhen you stay at a four-star inn known for its legendary hospitality, you expect every aspect of your stay to be superb. The spa at our inn lives up to that reputation, and one huge reason is Judy Cody, one of our nail technicians.

 Judy’s been giving manicures and pedicures for years, and she’s been a nail technician at the spa for three years.  She’s an expert at what she does, and she couples that expertise with a true desire to be of service.

“I know that many of our guests are only here one time, so I try extra hard to give them the best experience they’ve ever had,” she said. “I love helping people, making them feel special and pretty.”

Judy says when guests arrive she makes sure they are comfortable, offering hot and cold drinks—guests can even sip a glass of wine delivered from the bar.

She encourages her clients to pick a nail polish if they want before she begins either a manicure or pedicure. Judy notes the spa only uses vegan polish; it’s all organic and natural.

For a pedicure she begins by asking about her guests’ feet to discover anything she should know about before the pampering begins. Judy cuts toenails, removes calluses and applies lotion to massage not just the feet but everything from the knee down. After the massage both feet are placed in warm booties. Guests can also take advantage of hot stone massage and/or paraffin on the feet.

“I want each guest to relax and feel pampered, so I take my time,” she says. “And all our manicures and pedicures are a full 50 minutes.”

Guests who receive a manicure get a similar treatment, including using a scrub that she massages into the hand, helping remove dead skin. After this she wraps steam towels from the elbow down. An arm and hand massage with lotion follows, then cleans the nails with acetone and adds polish as requested.

While the majority of her clients are women, 20 to 30 percent are men. She even provides service to children under 16 with parental permission. She fondly remembers doing a manicure for a 4-year old girl, noting the child really wanted to be girly!

She knows that many men feel hesitant to receive manicures or pedicures so she goes the extra mile to make them feel comfortable. One man who loved pedicures wouldn’t get them in his hometown because he didn’t want to “get caught,” but he thoroughly enjoyed getting one at the spa. Another man came in for a pedicure because his wife made the appointment—he told Judy his wife said his toenails were poking her in bed and needed to be cut!

An Asheville native, Judy knows the area intimately. She always asks guests about their visit, recommends places both on and off the estate, and makes sure they know about the inn’s concierge, who is a wealth of information. It’s all part of her desire to provide the best customer service all the time.

“I love what I do, and I think God gave me a big heart so I could love people,” she reflected.

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