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Julie’s Favorite Place

Written By Judy Ross

Posted 06/07/13

Updated 06/07/13

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Working in Parking & Transportation for the past three years has provided Julie Tatol with a wide ranging view of the estate, particularly when she leads the Legacy of the Land guided tour which goes into areas not usually open to estate guests.

For Julie, the best view on the entire estate can be found at Lone Pine Hill, the hill that rises in front of Biltmore House which is also known as the Vista . She says this expanse—now lush with hemlocks, pines, and rhododendron—is proof of George Vanderbilt’s environmental vision. Footpaths and horse trails are part of this space along with a romantic venue tucked under the trees.

The summit is crowned with a statue of Diana, the Roman goddess of the hunt. One of Julie’s favorite views is looking through the space between Diana’s marble arm and tunic.

“It’s like looking through a keyhole into a magical world. The view sweeps down the Vista to this fairytale castle and the Blue Ridge Mountains beyond,” she says.

In summer, Julie says the pergola that shelters Diana drips wisteria blossoms to match the lavender hues on the peaks at dusk. It’s a sunset venue she highly recommends, and one that is easily reached by a trail starting at Parking Lot A. We invite you to take in the view during your next visit!

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