Maura’s Favorite Place

Written By Judy Ross

Posted 06/14/13

Updated 06/14/13

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Part of Maura Scarmack’s responsibilities as Senior Catering Sales Manager is to help couples find just the right spot to get married on Biltmore. She also assists with related events such as rehearsal dinners and bridesmaids luncheons, and coordinates wedding details with Biltmore’s food and beverage team. Maura travels around the estate frequently as part of her job, so she’s familiar with many of our outdoor locations.

Her favorite place is the Library Terrace. Why? Well, that’s one spot where her wedding day photography was taken—before Maura even worked for Biltmore! She says their favorite photo from that day was taken from the Terrace and hangs in their living room so they can enjoy it every day.

“On a beautiful day, when the wisteria is blooming and the sun is pouring through the leaves, it’s such a magical place,” she said. “The benches are an ideal place to sit and read a book, just as George Vanderbilt may have done more than 100 years ago.  And the views are, not surprisingly, spectacular.”

More recently, a favorite spot has been the Farmyard at Antler Hill Village. Her young daughter adores visiting the animals there, and Maura says she has just as much fun seeing everything through her child’s eyes!

“These trips to the Farmyard will surely be some of our sweetest Biltmore memories for years to come,” she said.


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