May I Park Your Car?

Written By Leeann Donnelly

Posted 11/05/12

Updated 11/05/12

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We hear often from our guests that it is our staff who make Biltmore special.  And we agree!  Every person in every job has the same goal of making our visitors love their time with us.  At Inn on Biltmore Estate this is especially true, where guests stay several days and interact with employees throughout their visit.  But who are they really?  Let us introduce you!

May I Park Your Car?

These smiling faces often make the very first impression when a guest arrives at the inn.  That’s a huge responsibility, one that sets the tone for the guest’s entire stay. And they take that responsibility very seriously.  Not that they don’t have fun on the job – because they do.

The smiles tell the story. Meet Shane Robinson, Justin Pinner and Chris Roberts – Valets at Inn on Biltmore Estate.

Each describes himself as a “people person,” and on a recent beautiful November afternoon the three were working side by side to welcome guests, assisting them with their luggage, answering questions, parking their cars and retrieving their cars from the parking lot. “What’s not to enjoy,” says Justin. “It’s a beautiful location, you meet people from all over the world, you’re outside and you’re getting exercise.”  The three have a great sense of humor and clearly enjoy working together.

And all of this while staying in constant motion.  On average, Justin and his colleagues run between 7 and 8 miles per day to deliver guest vehicles to the parking lot or back to the front door where the guest is waiting. On days when the weather turns fierce with rain, wind, cold temperatures or all three together, it just makes them run faster.  No need to stop by the gym on the way home from work, this job has that benefit built in.

 Other qualifications for the job? Be an excellent driver.  And you better know how to drive a straight-shift vehicle – it’s on the job application.

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