Organizing In Style

Written By Holly Clark

Posted 03/31/14

Updated 03/31/14

For the Home

The old saying “a place for everything and everything in its place” is a good motto to keep in mind whether you’re organizing your entire home or specific rooms. Items like books and magazines need to be handy, but they can pile up over time. Keep them collected in one of our pretty tin containers and you’ll always know where to find that article you wanted to read.

Here are some other great ideas for organizing other items that need to stay contained in a specific space:

• Roll up hand towels and keep them in a small tin container in your powder room. They take up less space and yet remain easily accessible for guests. Also works well for towels and wash cloths in your guest bath.
• Place a tin container on the stairs (close to the rail) for each member of your family. Small, loose items can be dropped there to be put away later.
• Choose a taller, narrow container to keep utensils together by the kitchen sink

Our decorative tins are available in so many sizes and shapes that you can easily organize almost anything. The collection was inspired by the design elements and patterns found throughout Biltmore House and across the estate. The containers offer a vintage feel that pairs well with any décor.

Tip: Containers are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and are perfect for table-top arrangements and container plantings.

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