The Knot Dream Wedding at Biltmore

Written By Stephanie Wood

Posted 04/04/14

Updated 04/04/14

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Today, Biltmore welcomes The Knot Dream Wedding hosted by The Knot, a popular wedding magazine and online wedding resource. The couple selected this year has a compelling engagement story, as each was seriously injured during the Boston Marathon bombing. Their story touched everyone who has worked on this special day, as well as millions of people who have followed them in the news and on social media.

Their positive outlook is something everyone has noticed about this special couple. Although Rebekah, Pete and Rebekah’s son Noah were injured in the devastating attack in Boston, they kept looking forward and have already overcome numerous challenges. Pete proposed last October and that is when The Knot first heard of their story. The editors decided that the couple deserved their dream wedding and the planning began. Dream Wedding Proposal

In January, The Knot started efforts to throw the ultimate dream wedding for Rebekah and Pete. Readers were asked to vote on the different elements that would make up this grand day. Step one was selecting the perfect wedding location. Voters loved the idea of this amazing couple saying “I Do” in Asheville, NC, as it is one of their favorite vacation spots. Once Asheville became the voters's choice, Biltmore was selected as the venue.

Weddings are special at Biltmore and have been part of the estate's history since 1924. That year, George and Edith Vanderbilt's only daughter, Cornelia Vanderbilt, celebrated her marriage to John Cecil. Their ceremony took place at All Souls Church in Biltmore Village with a brunch that followed in the Winter Garden of Biltmore House. It was a magical time and one that still serves as inspiration for event planning today.

Since 1924, many couples have chosen Biltmore as their wedding location. In addition to a beautiful backdrop, Biltmore's legacy of gracious hospitality plays an integral role in each event. The team has made every effort to share that legacy with Rebekah and Pete as they approach their wedding day. Biltmore is honored to work with The Knot and create a dream wedding for this deserving couple.


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