The Right Desk For Writing

Written By Holly Clark

Posted 12/14/13

Updated 12/14/13

For the Home

Edith Vanderbilt's younger sister Pauline was both an avid letter writer and a frequent visitor to Biltmore. Pauline’s letters to friends describe the time she spent at Biltmore in glowing detail, giving us wonderful word pictures of the gracious lifestyle enjoyed by the Vanderbilts and their guests.

In one 1905 letter, Pauline describes an afternoon at Biltmore this way: 

“I go out, either driving or walking or sauntering down with the children to feed the swans or settle on the library terrace with lots of books and read and read and read. The air is soft and warm, the hills change colour continually, there is no noise, no friction, no jar.”

With its flowing curves and handsome detailing, our elegant Pauline Writing Desk honors Pauline Merrill’s passion for the written word. Classic styling makes it a welcome addition to any room and we believe it will inspire your own writing for years to come.

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