Biltmore’s Philanthropy

Biltmore focuses philanthropic efforts on social, economic, and environmental goals of the overall company, as well as partnerships within the counties of western North Carolina to support people in need, food and farming, and the preservation of natural and cultural resources.


Specifically, we support those organizations that assist people in our community with housing, education, and workforce development. In keeping with our agricultural heritage, we support local organizations that promote food access and sustainability, nutrition education, and food safety. We also support local organizations that educate and preserve our natural resources (water, wildlife, forestry) and also organizations that preserve significant historical sites.

See our Community Impact Report below for more on the economic impact of Biltmore’s preservation focus, environmental stewardship, and philanthropic efforts. This report will be updated every 3 years.


Philanthropy Guidelines

In keeping with Biltmore’s corporate vision, we proactively support selected organizations within our community that align with our mission and selected areas of philanthropic focus. We have identified the following categories for support: People in Need; Food & Farming; Preservation of Natural and Cultural Resources.

We take a proactive approach to investing in our community, and as such, do not accept unsolicited donation requests for financial or in-kind gifts.

All of our funds have been allocated for the coming year to support organizations within our focus areas of giving.

Biltmore is proud to partner with The Community Foundation of Western North Carolina (CFWNC). Find out if your organization may qualify for funding through CFWNC’s Grant Programs or through other Funders in WNC.

We appreciate all of the work that local non-profit organizations do for Western North Carolina. For additional information on Biltmore’s involvement in the local community, please refer to our Community Impact Report.